Abu Simbel Temple

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What to Expect

Embark on a journey through time to the legendary Abu Simbel Temple with a verified local guide in Egypt, a testament to the grandeur of Ramses II from the 19th dynasty. I am your guide, ready to lead you on an awe-inspiring trip that covers the phenomenon of the temple and the colossal statues, considered among the most magnificent in the world.


Early Morning Start (4:00 am):
Our adventure kicks off early at 4:00 am from your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan. The journey spans nearly 250 km.Temple Exploration:
Discover the wonders of Abu Simbel Temple, carved by Ramesses II. Marvel at the colossal statues and explore the cut rock temple, one of UNESCO’s saved treasures.Special Phenomenon:
Learn about the special phenomenon where the sun’s rays illuminate the statues in a dark room twice a year, showcasing the architectural brilliance of ancient Egypt.

Nefertari’s Temple:
Visit the smaller temple dedicated to Nefertari, Ramses II’s beloved wife, adding a touch of romance to our historical journey.

Return to Aswan (2:30 pm):
After an hour and a half at the temple, we’ll head back to the starting point, aiming to be back in Aswan around 2:30 pm.

What’s Included:

  • limousine pick-up and drop-off
  • entrance fees
  • local expert guiding

It does not include:

  • accommodation
  • lunch and drinks

Children’s Policy

Make it a family affair with half-price tickets for children aged 6 to 12. Little ones aged 1 to 5 can enjoy the tour for free, ensuring an inclusive and memorable experience for all.

Important Details

Duration: full day
Type: Private Tour
Runs: Every Day
Pick-up: 4am in Aswan at your hotel
**Some guests opt for additional services, such as attending the sound and light show at night and staying overnight in a hotel, extending the experience at an additional cost.

Join me, a certified local guide in Egypt, for an awe-inspiring journey to the Abu Simbel Temple, an architectural wonder built by Ramses II during the 19th Dynasty. Marvel at the massive statues and the sheer phenomenon of this ancient temple.

Your Guide

Khaled Mohamed

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Meeting Place

Aswan, Egypt

Aswan, Egypt


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