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The World's First App To Find Your Guide in The Middle East

Simsem is the world’s first app connecting travelers with Middle Eastern locals through a range of authentic tours and experiences with locals.

Our platform unlocks the region’s rich history, delectable cuisine, vibrant traditions, and unique local gems, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in genuine interactions and meaningful connections and indulge with locals into a new world. 

We envision a world where cultural understanding and appreciation flourish as these unforgettable adventures create bridges of friendship between diverse communities.

Find your guide on Simsem  or join us as a local host to be part of a global community that celebrates diversity and fosters a more inclusive and compassionate society!

Our Journey

How We Started

Our heartfelt journey began in 2014 with a mission to share the beauty of Middle Eastern culture, starting from a cherished Palestinian cultural center in Belgium, called Maramiya Centre.

Now, as it evolved into an app, and became Simsem, we foster meaningful connections, showcasing the region’s rich history, delectable cuisine, vibrant traditions, and unique local gems, bridging the gap between travelers and locals, one authentic tour at a time. Start planning your trip and find your guide on Simsem!

Our name, Simsem (سمسم), translates to ‘sesame’ in Arabic, a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine and are used to make tahini and other dishes.

Just like sesame brings a distinct flavor and texture to dishes, we aim to add depth and authenticity to find your guide and inhaling the essence of the Middle East.

The seeds of our passion for this region are sown in our very name!

Simsem Experiences

What We Do

We promote local experiences and shine a light on interacting with locals, giving travelers the opportunity to understand the daily life of the country, its culture, food, religion, and of course, enjoy outdoor activities.

At Simsem, our vibrant community of locals curates a diverse array of authentic experiences that steer away from the noise of the travel industry.

Each activity and tour is carefully designed to provide travelers with never-before opportunities to immerse themselves in the true essence of the region.

With our close bonds with the locals, you can get connected with local guides in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and more!

Dining Experiences

Discover curated adventures that unveil the Middle Eastern culture and stories, creating unforgettable memories you’ll cherish.

Local Living Experiences

Step into daily life with immersive encounters, from coffee shop hangouts to bread baking.

Getaway Experiences

Embark on multi-day local trips, featuring thrilling hikes and scenic explorations.

Spontaneous Hangouts

Embrace the unexpected by connecting with local hosts for unplanned ventures.

Discover the Authentic middle east with simsem!


To share the richness of the Middle Eastern culture, to create a bridge of appreciation, to help you find your guide, to treat yourself with true experiences!

Our Purpose

Simsem’s purpose is driven by the passionate desire to share the richness and beauty of Middle Eastern culture with the world.

We believe there’s no better way to truly experience and understand this region’s culture, traditions, and stories than by connecting travelers with passionate local hosts.

Through responsible travel, we want to make a positive impact on both travelers and locals. We’re dedicated to offering exceptional and authentic experiences that break stereotypes and build connections between cultures.

Find your guide who will fuel with excitement to explore exceptional and genuine experiences through our platform.

Our Daily Commitment

Our Mission

At Simsem, our commitment lies in the relentless pursuit of improvement.

We strive to enhance our platform, offered experiences, and systems to deliver genuine, enriching, and sustainable interactions for everyone involved.

Our dedication to continuous improvement fuels our purpose to create unforgettable journeys through our tours and guides that foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation while preserving the unique essence of the Middle East

Our Vision

What our future looks like

We aspire to become the ambassador of authentic Middle Eastern experiences making a sustainable, positive impact on lives and communities with locals, while fostering a society of empathy, appreciation, and mutual respect for all cultures.

Our Guiding Principles

What we Stand For


Authenticity lies at Simsem’s heart.

For our local hosts, we encourage them to showcase their genuine traditions, flavors, and stories, empowering them to share their unique way of life with travelers.

Our curated experiences for travelers offer an authentic window into the real lifestyle, allowing them to savor the true spirit of the Middle East with locals. Now, you can find your guide who will make your trip memorable forever. 


We recognize the richness of Middle Eastern culture, and it is our mission to deliver it to travelers with the utmost quality.

Through meticulous approvals of hosts and tours, a top-notch app, and captivating content, we ensure that every experience surpasses expectations.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard, curating journeys that unveil the true essence of the Middle East, forging lasting connections, and creating cherished memories along the way.


Safety is paramount at Simsem. We prioritize the well-being of our local hosts and travelers at every step of their journey.

Rigorous vetting and certification processes ensure that our hosts are qualified to provide safe and enriching experiences for travelers.

For our local hosts, safety means being part of a supportive community. We equip them with the necessary tools and resources to ensure safety during their interactions with travelers.


We place great emphasis on clarity and open communication to ensure that both our esteemed local hosts and adventurous travelers know exactly what to expect from their experiences.

For local hosts, we provide comprehensive guidance and supportto enable them to create truly authentic and immersive journeys.

For travelers, we offer transparent and detailed information about each experience, allowing them to make informed decisions and embark on journeys that align with their interests and expectations to get their guide with ease.

With clear communication, we strive to create a platform where everyone feels confident, informed, and excited about the enriching experience that awaits them through Simsem.


Creativity is at the core of what we do.

We love to embrace the imaginative and artistic spirit of our local hosts, empowering them to present their culture in unique and innovative ways.

By curating creative content and interactions, we cultivate a lively atmosphere of cultural exchange and mutual appreciation, ensuring every experience is truly unforgettable for our travelers.

Whether you want to find your guide on Simsem, be one of our local hosts, or just get closer with the Middle Eastern beauty, creativity is an inherent part of any process. 

Now, you can hire a local guide in Jordan, Egypt, Tuckey, Lebanon, or any other country. 

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