Unlocking Egypt’s Secrets With a Reliable Guide

Why do you need a local guide with you in Egypt?

Ah, you’re planning to come to Egypt. A great choice, by the way, but how do you guarantee the best experience ever? Hire a local guide in Egypt!


Well, I think we all can agree that traveling requires common sense. You are exploring a new country with a different culture alone (or even with your friends or family) But how would you communicate with locals, how to move around, how you’d know the best places to visit and worst places to avoid?


Google is a great source, of course! Bloggers provide so much information about traveling hacks to plan your Egypt tours, for sure. But do you really want to put your journey on edge by trusting people you don’t know? They could be getting paid to promote certain places or dishes. Or at least they might have a different experience based on their expertise and background. 

Elevate Your Egyptian Adventure

You would want to make your trip as best and as much as possible and experience all beautiful tours in Egypt. A reliable and friendly guide can completely transform your trip, making your destination more beautiful by coming alive with local tours, hidden historical anecdotes, specialized insider access, unmissable eateries and visits.

Let’s see why you should hire a local guide in Egypt.

5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Local Guide in Egypt

You might think you have covered Egypt perfectly. You have visited the Pyramids, gone to Khan el Khalili, walked Old Cairo, taken in the view from your hotel view over the Nile, and were entranced by the scene playing out in Sharm El Sheikh.  All of these places are such amazing tours in Egypt.

As an Egyptian, let me tell you that you have barely scratched the surface of our iconic country. If you have been to Egypt before or you know someone who plans to spend their vacation in Egypt, let me tell you 5 reasons why you need to hire a local guide in Egypt.


Communicate with locals anywhere

English is not widely spoken in Egypt, only in touristy locations. But if you are willing to dig deeper and explore more work-class districts, popular markets, and authentic Egyptian food, you will struggle to find someone who understands your language. A local tour guide in Egypt will be your interpreter. They speak the official language in Egypt, Arabic, and your language; as such, your guide will be your ever-present translator.

Without a local guide in Egypt, you will miss out on many interesting stories about the country’s culture and insights into their eating, drinking, and going out customs. And if you come to Egypt to record the most beautiful moments, you can only do this with a tour guide. They’d help you take permission from locals to capture memorable shots.





Navigate Egypt Easily

Wondering how to get to a location, or are you not sure about the metro connection to get to your destination? Honestly, transferring around Egypt, especially Cairo, is frustrating. It’s a big city, and you might spend around half of your trip transmitting if you choose the wrong time or mode. So too, it’s exhausting to get off in the wrong direction or stop. In other words, you need to plan your tours in Egypt wisely!

What about renting a car in Egypt?

Are you serious? Even Egyptians are trying to avoid driving in an over-30-million-population city. Additionally, fuming at a loss of single at any moment, you need Google Maps to tell you which bridge you should take. Trust me; no one needs that. And for personal experience, don’t trust too much in Uber that they would take you to your exact destination. But a personal tour guide will save you years of pain by leading you through any streets in the old city to explore more points of interest.



Providing you with special offers

A local guide in Egypt can help you find special offers to visit more attractions, have a decent dinner at a classy restaurant with a Nile view, or get a great deal at a hotel. They have access to exclusive partnerships with touristy facilities. That means you can save a lot by hiring a tour guide in Egypt and guaranteeing a free-hassle trip.

Save you from tourist traps

Unfortunately, Egypt is one of the countries you would easily fall victim to tourist traps. Taxi drivers are most likely to double the fare, and sellers would jack up the price because you’re a foreigner. A reliable tour guide can help you dodge such rip-offs by doing all the haggling for you.


Discover Less-Known Places

In Egypt, the hidden gems outnumber the famous spots. Of course, the Pyramids, for example, is a must-visit spot. But Al Azhar mosque, Al-Hakim Mosque, Zeinab Khatoon Palace, and St. Simon “The Tanner” Monastery are all worthy places. All of these spots are one of the best things to do in Egypt! And you can not take the full experience without a local guide.


Simsem made it easy for you! Download the app now and choose your local guide in Egypt or any other Middle Eastern country, and let’s level up the excitement.


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