Turkish Rice

The ever-glowing and stratifying dish with a delicious combo in every bite, Turkish rice is a buttery, savory, and somewhat herby (based on where you will have a hand on your dish) cuisine that can be eaten in different ways! And each time, it will go pretty well! What is more interesting about Turkish rice is that every country in the Middle East has preserved its own way of preparing and serving it.

Yes, it’s the ultimate comfort component each can add to the table, perfect for everyone because it comes with many variations.

What is Turkish Rice?

If you had been in Turkey before, you would remember this nice delicious white rice served with almost all dishes in local Turkish restaurants. However you can find many types of Turkish rice, ranging from the seasoned one, white one with brown makeroni, or one loaded with nuts.

Growing up in the Middle East means a million things, but most importantly, you will eat a lot of rice. However, honestly, it took so much time, often centuries, to consider rice in their meals. Some statistics found that even Japan used rice at Christ’s birth! That means India is still the leader in cultivating and cooking rice. But our rice secrets are still mind-blowing, encompassed all directions from around the globe.

Once you take your bite, you feel that Middle Eastern people have pooled what they thought the finest ingredients to have a unique version.

Where Can You Eat Original Turkish Rice?

Before you go, here is your ultimate guide to spot local restaurants in Turkey:

  • Tatbak:
  • Adana Ocakbasi
  • Karadeniz Döner Asım Usta

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Everyone in the Middle East Love to Eat Rice So Much

However, if you look at eating habits in almost all Middle Eastern countries, you will find a rice dish. Then, chefs offered something more unique with the spirit of Indian style, seasoned rice. Now you can order your seasoned rice in many Arab countries with ghee, herbs, and nuts. So, this mix creates something irresistible.

Types of Seasoned Rice You Can Find in Middle East

While moving around Middle Eastern countries, you can find three main types of seasoned rice.

The first one is Everyday or Standard rice. It’s the white rice and can be served with sautéed vegetables in tomatoes sauce (fasolia, bamia) or with meat stew. The second one is Basmati Rice, light and fluffy. It is served with grilled chickens or lamb with a pinch of different herbs and flavors topped with fried almonds or pine nuts. The last one is Egyptian Savory Sice with Cream– often baked in clay pots.

The surprising fact is that it can be served savory or sweet!


Taste Seasoned Rice with Turkish Families!


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