Turkish Kebab Cooked In Clay Pots

Having a meal consists of Turkish kebab is always a good idea. After having spent a day filled with balloon rides, safaris around the canyons and maybe horseback riding in Cappadocia, it may please you to enjoy a Kebab cooked in clay pots with a local red wine on the side.

When it comes to Kebabs, Turkey is its motherland and this Kebab in particular is not only tasty but fun to eat due to its cooking method and rituals.

A Juicy Turkish Kebab You Don’t Want to Miss!

A mixture of meat and vegetables such as garlic, peppers and tomatoes are cooked in a clay pot in a wood fire covered with a dough to keep maximum heat and flavor in the pot. It is then served to the table and broken into by either you or a waiter depending on how involved you want to be with your food preparation. It is a great experience and taste that you can only truly appreciate in Cappadocia.

What is Turkish Kebab?

Kebab is not limited to Turkey. You can find it in many Middle Eastern countries. However, as an Arabic speaker, what does kebab mean for you?

Well, as an Egyptian who speaks Arabic, I don’t know the origin of the word. It’s not Arabic, and I found nothing when I researched to explore any story behind it. All I discovered is that it describes what kebab is all about. So, kebab is a dish of small pieces of meat mixed with veggies like slices of tomatoes, green pepper, and onions.

However, the Turkish kebab is slightly different and comes with variations. There is no one way to cook kebab. For example, this dish is cooked in a clay plot to make it more tender and juicy, which you don’t want to miss!

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Great History Behind a Dish

Cappadocia is known for pottery since the Hittite period. It has a global reputation of this special kind of vessel that comes in a dish itself, Testi Kebab. And Testi in Turkish means pottery or jug. This dish usually includes lamb or beef, but sometimes Turkish chefs replace it with chicken mixed with vegetables like potatoes, onions, and carrots.

In local areas, this pottery is cooked in a tandoor or even a traditional clay oven and covered with bread dough to let juices melt together!


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