Where majestic mountains embrace the sparkling coastlines, inviting you to explore its ancient wonders and vibrant bazaars, each moment feels like a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Explore Turkey, a land where ancient history meets modern charm. This captivating country, also known as the Republic of Turkey, beckons adventurers with its rich cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes.

Nestled at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Turkey offers an affordable escape, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary vibes.

Roam its rugged mountains, relax on sun-kissed coastlines, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ancient mosques and temples. Turkey invites you to savor its diverse cuisine, uncover its history, and experience its warm hospitality on a journey like no other.

Insights From Our Locals

Traveling to Turkey

There are 57 airports in Turkey, making it easily accessible by plane. Its largest airport, Istanbul Airport (IST) is currently undergoing an expansion, and once completed, it will be the biggest airport in the world.

Turkey can also be accessed by one of many land borders, as the country is bordered by 8 other countries.

A tourist e-visa is required for all travelers entering the country and can be obtained online in less than 3 minutes. The visa lasts for 180 days and costs between 520 and 693 Turkish lira, the local currency, which is 1 Turkish lira equals around $0.12 US Dollars.

The Best Time to Visit Turkey

Turkey experiences summers that are warm, dry, and humid while the winters are long, cold, and windy.

The ideal time to visit Turkey is in September or October. During these months, the temperature usually falls between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, making it not too hot or too cold to explore cities and other outdoor locations.

What to Expect in Turkey

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, with 90% of its population speaking the language. However, the country is also home to more than 30 minority and immigrant languages.

Turkish people are well-known for their welcoming hospitality and love of cooking delicious local recipes. Traditional Turkish dishes include shish kebab, which consists of marinated meat on a skewer that is cooked over hot coals, and manti, which are meat-based dumplings.

Islam is the largest religion practiced in Turkey with most people being Sunni Muslims. Although 98.6% of its population is Muslim, the Turkish constitution has declared that there is no official religion in Turkey.

There are several holy sites from a variety of faith traditions in Turkey, with the Basilica of Saint John in Selcuk being one of many monumental Christian sites.

What is the prettiest place in Turkey?

Arguably, Turkey’s most famous attraction is the Hagia Sophia, one of the best-preserved ancient buildings in the world that is in the city of Istanbul. This impressive mosque was built in 537 AD and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Turkey is also known for its black tea which is consumed all day and can be enjoyed at cafes throughout the country. Therefore, travelers need to make daily tea a part of their trip to Turkey!

For those who want to escape the bustling city streets, there are many therapeutic hot springs to relax in. These hot springs are located indoors and outdoors throughout Turkey and make for the ultimate way to experience tranquillity.

A trip to Turkey will not disappoint and is sure to be a favorite middle eastern destination amongst curious travelers.


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