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Explore Things to Do in Egypt & Beyond With Travel Blogger Marwa

If you want to explore the top things to do in Egypt, you should listen to people from Egypt.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to an inspiring woman: Egyptian travel blogger Marwa Ali. Marwa, the voice behind the first Arabic podcast about travel, shares incredible stories of her journeys, during which she has discovered not just new places but also new facets of herself.

Being a female solo traveler is challenging, but being an Egyptian female solo traveler is even more so. Marwa’s down-to-earth nature and adventurous spirit will help you explore Egypt with a new vision. Let’s dive into Marwa’s story and her tips on the top things to do in Egypt.

Unlock Things to Do in Egypt & Inspiring Stories with Marwa

Before planning your Egypt trips, you might search online or find relevant groups on Facebook. But if you are a first-time visitor, it’s also better to hear from someone who has visited each city in Egypt and will provide you with a travel guide.


Q: Tell our readers about yourself, Marwa.

Marwa: I’m Marwa Ali, a mother, communication engineer, and a passionate traveler. I’ve been exploring the world and now travel with my family and my baby. I’m also the proud founder and creator of Travel Codes, the only Arabic travel podcast in the Middle East.

Q: How did your journey as a travel blogger start?

Marwa: I launched my blog while I was pregnant and on a long vacation. It was the perfect time to build something I love. I wanted to share my passion for travel and add value to people’s lives. I started with a podcast because I enjoy listening more than reading. My first podcast was released three years ago, and the positive feedback has kept me going.

Q: When was your first significant travel experience?

Marwa: My first major trip as a young explorer was to Sweden in 2004. It was transformative. The history, nature, architecture, and art of Sweden left a lasting impression on me.

Exploring Egypt: Recommendations from a Local Guide

Q: If someone visits Egypt, what top things in Egypt would you recommend?

Marwa: Timing is everything. You need to choose the best time to visit Egypt. If you visit in spring or autumn, I recommend Siwa Oasis for an incredible safari experience. Nearby oases like Dakhla and Kharga are also worth visiting. In the summer, the North Coast and Marsa Matruh offer some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Luxor and Aswan are must-see destinations year-round. Egypt offers diverse activities, from beach holidays on the Red Sea and Mediterranean to exploring historical landmarks and open-air museums in Luxor.

The Challenges and Rewards of Solo Travel

Q: What challenges did you face as a female solo travel blogger?

Marwa: Planning is crucial. As a solo traveler, you must take care of yourself and make informed decisions to avoid risks. Sometimes, joining group activities means making new friends from different nationalities. It’s a challenge but also a rewarding part of the adventure.

Q: What advice do you have for women hesitant to travel solo?

Marwa: Solo travel is empowering. It helps you understand yourself, build character, and make independent choices. It’s not just for girls; boys should also experience it. Always plan carefully and stay aware of your surroundings.

Starting a Travel Blog: Marwa’s Insights

Q: What’s your advice for someone wanting to start a travel blog?

Marwa: Start! Don’t wait to be perfect. Learn through the journey. Have your unique perspective to capture your audience’s attention. Blogging is about sharing your experiences authentically. It takes time, effort, and patience, but it’s worth it.

Q: How do you manage travel with family commitments?

Marwa: Planning is key. We travel during official holidays or special occasions. Social media might make it seem like I’m always traveling, but in reality, we manage our trips around our full-time jobs. Saving and budgeting are essential for frequent travel.

Travel as a Lifelong Inspiration

Q: What inspires you as a travel blogger?

Marwa: The messages from my followers telling me how my content has changed their lives are incredibly inspiring. Knowing that I help people explore new places and cultures gives purpose to my adventures. Sharing my stories and experiences is my passion.

Top things to do in Egypt
Explore things to do in Egypt with Marwa

Final Thoughts

Marwa Ali is an inspiring figure in the travel community. Her journey shows that travel is not just about visiting new places but about personal growth and discovery. Whether you’re looking for a local tour guide in Egypt or tips on the top things to do in Egypt, Marwa’s insights are invaluable. Start small, explore nearby cities, and gradually expand your horizons. Traveling is a transformative experience that everyone should embrace.

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