Insider Tips for Exploring the Pyramid

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Pyramids Without Getting Ripped Off

If you have never been to Egypt, this guide is a must before you go! Here is your ultimate travel guide to visiting the Pyramids of Giza, one of the world’s wonders. You will learn how to see it, take beautiful photos, plan your authentic Egypt’s tour and immerse yourself in its grandeur without the hassle. Plus, don’t miss our essential local tips.

A Local's Guide for a Stress-Free Visit

The world has a few countries with distinct cultures, such as Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza stand proudly close to the Sphinx and a handful of hidden tombs. The whole location is one of the world’s most iconic and oldest spots. It forms the birth of civilization. 


Yes, they are wonderful sights. However, here is the ugly truth (as an Egyptian, I feel sorry to tell you that). If you plan to visit it alone or even with an inexperienced tour guide, it might be a very rushed and stressful affair.


It will most likely be a disappointing tour. You will remember nothing but the terrible humidity, vendors who push you seriously to have a camel ride, and an aggressive atmosphere that might make you feel unsafe! 


You’re not alone! Unfortunately, that’s what almost all tourists experience at the pyramids. But we absolutely don’t want to have such annoying tours in Egypt!

So, forget about it; I will share the local and honest guide when visiting the pyramids of Giza to enjoy this bucket list destination.

What You Should Know Before Visiting the Pyramids of Giza

Traveling in Egypt is no more unsafe than in any other place in the world if you use common sense and know and follow the rules. Here are the rules you need to take into consideration while visiting the Pyramids of Giza.


Reconsider Your Expectations

Don’t get me wrong! The pyramids are just as beautiful and awe-inspiring in real life as in photos. Definitely, the site is one of the best things to do in Egypt. You can see them many times and feel the same gentle chill under your skin every time. It will amaze you. BUT! It might not be like what you picture in your imagination. Photos on social media probably misled you by showing them standing in endless stretches of windblown sand. They are located in one of the biggest metropolises in Egypt and one of the most crowded cities, Giza.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get TERRIFIC memorable photos. No, you can do that, but be ready for traffic jams, streets packed with people, bazaars, and papyrus museums. But it’s still an intensive ambiance you will never find elsewhere.



Take only UBER

While planning your Egypt’s tours, you have different options to get to the pyramids. Forget all about them; only remember one thing: in Egypt, you only depend on Uber.

No haggling, no worrying, no scams. You know what you will pay before getting in. Also, it’s safer and free-hassle that the car will pick you up from any location and leave you in front of the right gate to enter the historical site.

Plus, if you’re lucky, you might have your ride with a captain who can speak English and can give you local advice while navigating the pyramids– or you can download Simsem and choose one of the highly qualified and super-friendly local guides in Egypt who will be your assistant, making sure you the best time in Egypt.

Pro tip: before getting out of the airport and managing your tours in Egypt, make sure to buy your mobile sim to be able to request Uber wherever you go.



Just Ignore local Buyers or Hire Your Private Guide

After walking through the quick security check, make your way to the ticket office and be ready for the hassle. Unfortunately, the chances of being harassed by locals are high as long as you come here alone. I am sorry to say so, but that’s the de facto.When there is no guide, everyone wants to sell you something which is absolutely overpriced and unworthy.

The golden advice here is to be firm but polite: say only one thing, no thank you or la Shukran (thanks in Arabic)What if they still pester you with awful souvenirs? Just ignore them.

And don’t even think that you can hire your guided tour from there. Hire your own before you go (have a look at the end of this article; we have something for you!)


Want to enjoy Egypt without being overwhelmed and visiting the Pyramids of Giza? Download Simsem now and get access to thousands of local guides in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon, who are ready to unpack any possible chaotic destination and give you decent tips for an unforgettable time.  


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