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Egypt Solo Travel Guide: Things to Consider as a Female

Wondering if Egypt is safe for women to travel alone? Need a complete Egypt solo travel guide to explore all gems in the country such as museums, local markets and much more?

Okay, we have asked several solo world travelers to share some of the best things they learned. Read on to get insights on travelling solo, especially as a woman in Egypt.

Is Egypt worth visiting?

A mosaic of ancient history and cities that will never sleep, Egypt is a vibrant and momentous travel destination brimming with top attractions where you can experience a cultural adventure like nothing before.

Is Egypt worth visiting? Absolutely! It can bring a sense of the old, modern, relaxation, urbanity, and everything in between.

But is Egypt safe for a woman to travel alone? Absolutely!

However, listen up: Egypt is safe in the context of the possibility of getting physical assault is near to zero if you use your common sense. That means avoiding being in a slum at night, for example (which is super unsafe in any place in the world, not just Egypt!)

It doesn’t mean it’s super safe from stares and harassment, unfortunately! I am an Egyptian woman, and I know this might be annoying, frustrating, and humiliating.

That’s why wandering with a local guide in Egypt is highly recommended. It’s your ultimate guide to this fascinating country! Not just to discover the secrets of this ancient land but also to immerse yourself in its rich culture and enjoy a hassle-free tour with local experts. How?

Through Simsem, it is more than just an app—it’s your Egypt solo travel guide! Simsem makes your adventure unforgettable with a local guide in Egypt!
But now, let’s see the most important things to consider when visiting Egypt as a solo female!

Top 5 Travelers' Advice When Visiting Egypt as a Solo Female

If you’re alone in the whole thing, let’s agree: as a woman, traveling alone can be one of the most appealing things to do for yourself— ever!

But if you consider visiting Egypt, we have some insights you need to know before you go!

  • Dress Modestly and Respectfully

It’s number one tip in your Egypt solo travel guide. You don’t need to be covered 100%. Even Egyptians don’t do. And if you’re willing to move between only touristic locations and shuttled from landmarks as a part of a multi-day guide, you don’t have to worry so much about what you wear. But it generally matters how much you cover while transporting around Egypt, especially non coastal cities.

So what can you wear on hot days in Egypt:

  • Long cool cotton pants 
  • Loose midi skirts
  • Oversize t-shirts

*Again, this applies to moving around Cairo or any non-coastal cities. If you plan to stay at a resort in Sharm El Sheikh, you can wear whatever you want. 


  • Find a Nice Hostel Near the City Centre

If you decide to stay in a hostel, choose the one near the city centre. Cairo is flooded with affordable hotels and hostels. But before you confirm your reservation, read all reviews to select the comfy, pretty safe, and welcoming home.

Pro tip: The country runs on cash, and you will always be asked to pay in cash. If you stay in a hostel, prepare your cash in your hand.


  • Use Only Uber in Egypt

As we’re talking about Egypt solo travel guide, you need to know how to get around Egypt.

Regardless of the location, Uber in Egypt is more affordable than your hometown and you need to make it your best friend. You might hear some stories about scams by taxi drivers. These scams might reach to harassment. Yes, that’s true! But using Uber will save you years of pain. First, you will know how much you will be charged from the beginning. Second, all Uber drivers know that the ride will be recorded, and you can easily contact the company if anything goes wrong.

Not just that, all Uber drivers are decent and will only drop you off once they are sure you’ve got your exact location, even when the GPS doesn’t work correctly.

Pro tip: Please note that Uber is not available in Sharm El Sheikh so far! You need to rent a car to go around the city or hire a local guide in Cairo, Egypt with Simsem.


  • Be Prepared to Say “La, Shukran” MILLION Times a Day

Wherever you go in Egypt, someone is trying hard to sell you something. So be patient and always say “La, Shukran”, which means “No thank you!” to all street vendors. And if you want to buy something on a historical site, please only do that if a local tour guide accompanies you. Why? For bargaining! As a foreign female, making a good deal is impossible because you need to know the fair price of items here, and you will be afraid to talk so much with these vendors. A local guide in Egypt will make all of that happen for you!


Get Help from a Local Tour Guide

Hear me out: It might seem to be a cliché. But, yes, you need to sign up for a guided tour while traveling solo. But as a solo female traveler in Egypt, you need to know it’s a must!

If you do so, you will significantly enhance your time adventuring and unearthing worthy spots.

I am an Egyptian, and Egypt is not set up for individual travel. The country needs to invest more in marketing its historical sites. Some worthy spots have yet to be known even by locals. So, you will need an expert to help you absorb the experiences you’re looking for.

Ready to visit Egypt? Download the Simsem app to take in the entire Egyptian experience and activate the safe mode with the help of a local guide! Let’s go!

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