Commonly served during Ramadan in Jordan, qatayef is an Arab dessert that is a fried sweet dumpling (or sometimes referred to as a pancake) filled with cream and nuts then covered in simple syrup. The origins of this pastry can be traced back to Abbasi Caliphate in the 6th century AD.

Qatayef is a popular dessert that is commonly served during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in the Middle East. These small, crescent-shaped pastries are made from a thin pancake-like batter, which is filled with either sweet cheese or a mixture of nuts and sugar. They are then folded over and fried until golden brown. Once cooked, they are dipped in a sweet syrup made from sugar, rose water, and orange blossom water, giving them a distinctive and fragrant flavor.

Qatayef is a delicious and traditional dessert that is enjoyed by many in the Middle East and around the world.

We need you to get the best of Ramadan in the Middle East, so let’s uncover other dishes you can find everyone consumes in this holy month and you badly need to try.

Other Ramadan Dishes You Need to Try

Knafeh: Another sweet, surprising dish, Knafeh is an official Ramadan dessert in many Middle Eastern countries. A shredded filo dough topped with simple sugary syrup, this dish is part of Middle Eastern culture and one of the most popular Ramadan symbols. You can have it in one of the bakery or pastry shops, or you can have an authentic taste with a local family by booking a dining experience on Simsem!

Dates: It’s not a typical dish but another way to celebrate Ramadan. If you are in a city where the Muslim population lives, you will immediately notice that once Ramadan is approaching, the supermarkets start stacking with different types of dates. It’s a traditional way to break your fast in Ramadan related to Muslim beliefs inspired by the Prophet Muhammad.

Hamam Mahshi or stuffed squab: It’s not just related to Ramadan; Egyptians love serving these decent dishes on Iftar. So, if you’re in Egypt, try to have a meal with locals to enjoy this kind of comfort food. 


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Qatayef: Arabic-style Pancake

Cooked to perfection, Qatayef is the way of celebration when Arab have someone special around the table.

Fried then dunked in syrup (called Sharbat in Egypt), it’s sweet, simple, comfort, and satisfying. Qatayef is one of a staple desert that you can find around the Middle East and each country has added its special charm. But all of them have agreed that these stuffed and fried pancakes have its dominance while having a cup of tea with a pleasant family gathering.

Qatayef: Darling on Any Table.

It’s an absolute iconic treat stuffed with nuts, sometimes cream or any fruits such as cherry or banana, fried then left in thick syrup to have a crunchy sweet thing that will blow your mind.

For a more ‘wow’ result, you can top your Arabic pancakes with crushed nuts such as pistachio.


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