How to move around Cairo

Places to Go in Cairo: How to Get Around The City

Cairo is a busy city with a high population exceeding 23 million people. That’s a helluva lot of humans in a town not super big like Cairo– we’re talking more people in one city than in whole countries in Europe and the Middle East. While you can find many places to go in Cairo, but the trick is how to get around Egypt, Cairo.

If you come here, you need to choose the best ways to move around ideally. That will save you hours stuck in congestion and be able to visit more attractions without getting exhausted.

If you plan to visit Egypt as a solo traveler, the metro train or Uber is the best way to get between spots. 

Here, we will give you a guide to getting around a city where transportation is always described as crazy! But does this mean you have to avoid Egypt’s capital? Absolutely not! The city has the greatest tourist attractions in Egypt, manifesting its historical and cultural heritage.  

Before getting started, let’s review some common questions about getting around in Egypt.


FAQ about Getting Around Egypt

  • What is the best way to move around Cairo?

The most convenient way to explore places to go in Cairo is to find out the nearest metro station to your destination. Three lines cover almost all the attractions you want to visit, such as Old Cairo and the Egyptian Museum. However, at some point, you have to find another way to travel around the city, especially if you stay at The Fifth Settlement on the 6th of October. Only one way to move around- it’s Uber. Of course, public transportation, such as buses or even private bus providers, such as Swvil and Uber, but finding the right point and time is a huge hassle.

  • What is the nicest area of Cairo?

It depends on your preference and the vibes you want to get from Cairo. You can get a fancy ambience or a maddening experience. The city continues to grow with no bounds to minimize the desert area. So, if you’re looking for a calm space, the nicest area of Cairo will be Zamalek or The Fifth Settlement. If you need to have a view of awe-inspiring architecture, stay in Old Cairo, but it’s chaotic- this area never sleeps!

If you come to Egypt for one reason- visit the Pyramids, go to Giza and discover a hotel or guest house with a Pyramid view. It’s a nicest area of Cairo, but remember chaos runs in Egypt’s DNA.

  • Can you travel around Egypt on your own?

Of course, you can! However, booking a tour with locals who can help you move around the country without worrying about ripping off or missing worthy spots would be great. With Simsem, you can taste local foods and tailor your tours to match your wishes with travel guide. Download our app today, and let’s vibe. 


Now, keep reading and exploring with verified local guides in Egypt!

How to Get Around Cairo

Before leaving your hotel to head to places to go in Cairo to hit Egypt museums, the golden advice is to choose the right times of low traffic (before 8 am or after 10:00 am till 1:00 pm).

It’s the best time to get around without being choked in a street where everyone around honks so much. 

I know it’s not always possible, but if you want to visit the historical attraction, make time to be there during working hours to navigate easily within them at all other and snap away great shots. 

So, what transport mode can you use?

Egypt Transportation Modes

  • Metro

Ideally, the metro is the best and cheapest way to find places to go in Cairo’s neighbourhoods without being constantly stuck in traffic. Being in Egypt’s capital means visiting the Pyramids, Old Cairo, Zamalk, City Centre, and museums. So, it’s safe to say that Cairo is not just a hop and a jump from one place to another. If you do so, you will skip many worthy spots.


Cairo is sprawling, and the metro is by far the most convenient way to explore the city. But please note what convenient means in this context! It’s not super comfortable where you will find a cosy seat (trust me, I wish), but the convenience includes efficiency, safety, and accessibility. The country is expanding its underground lines with plans to connect Cairo Airport with the heart of Cairo.


So far, you can see 3 main lines covering the central districts you’d like to visit. In addition, some underground stations are located directly next to popular landmarks such as Egyptian Museum and Coptic attractions in Old Cairo.When can you catch the metro trains?
Trains run every day from 5:00 am to 1:00 am. The duration between trains is less than 5 minutes. So, if you miss one, don’t worry; another one will arrive so soon.

Each ticket is one-way for 5 – 10 Egyptian pounds (make your calculation because the currency value has fluctuated recently).You can get your ticket from the booth inside each station. And you’d need your ticket to get in and out of the metro system, so keep it safe until you exit from the turnstile.
Also, there are cars for women only in the middle of the train. So consider taking it if you’re a solo woman traveler in Egypt.


  • Uber

Ride-hailing operators have taken the transportation scene in Egypt by storm. Of course, it’s not just about Uber now; you can find 4 other applications to request a ride whenever you go, such as Didi, inDrive, and Careem. All these apps are perfect to find out top places to go in Cairo. However, Uber has demonstrated the market and garnered praise as they have become the perfect solution for moving around without falling into the trap of unrealistic taxi fares. I personally always use Uber as my first choice of transport inside Cairo for many reasons:

    • The driver will pick me up and drop me off at the exact location without getting lost in Cairo’s streets.
    • You can plug in your destination without trying to communicate with the driver, who most likely can’t speak your language.
    • There is no negotiation about the price.

Just download the other apps if there aren’t Uber drivers in your location or you can use Simsem if you’re looking for a local guide in Cairo.

Final Tips When Moving Around Cairo

  • Don’t use public transportation. It’s super crazy, and you will never know when you should get off because the chances of finding someone who speaks English are low.
  • Don’t use a white taxi. Unfortunately, most of them are mean, and you will find yourself struggling to settle on a fair fare. Not to mention you might not arrive at the exact point you want because they never use GPS. 
  • Pay for a SIM card at the airport before you leave to be able to request Uber wherever you go. 


Need a local guide in Egypt who will help you find out the best places to go in Cairo and other Egyptian cities on a no-hassle journey? Download Simsem now.


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