Visit the Middle East

The Middle East is a vast and intricately beautiful land that is the birthplace of the world’s oldest cultures and civilizations. It represents a wide array of ethnic backgrounds and is home to some of the most welcoming and genuine people.





Top 10 Cities in Middle East

Enjoy the captivating stories of travelers who have visited the Middle East and take notes for your next adventure.

Famous Middle Eastern Foods

sunset shisha: the best part of Middle Eastern experience
What it takes to spend a night with locals while smoking shisha? It’s an experience unlike any before. With Semsim, you will rediscover new adventures filled with new pleasures.
seasoned rice: Middle East delights can be paired with everything
Rice is not equal. Seasoned rice in the Middle East will introduce you to new flavors. From herbs to incredible spices, a buttery, savory, and comfort plate can combine with any side dishes.
Iftar with locals in Jordan
Join us in Jordan to experience the mystical month of Ramadan like never before. Spend five hours with a local family, indulge in traditional dishes, take a walking tour of the city, and end your tour at a Jordanian cafe
traditional Middle East food
The Middle East is home to a rich culinary tradition that dates back centuries. The region’s cuisine is characterized by its bold flavors, colorful spices, and fresh ingredients. Let’s have a look at this ultimate perfect scene!
Lebanon is a small yet culturally diverse country located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Its unique location and complex history have resulted in a fusion of cultures and traditions from the East and West.
After having spent a day filled with balloon rides, safaris around the canyons and maybe horseback riding Cappadocia, it may please you to enjoy a kebab cooked in clay pots with a local red wine on the side.