Namoura is a delicious and traditional Middle Eastern dessert that is typically served in small slices and is a popular dessert for any occasion. This sweet and delicate pastry is made with a few simple yet rich ingredients, such as honey, butter, and milk, that come together to create a cake with a crispy exterior and a creamy and syrup-soaked interior.

Namoura has a unique texture that is both soft and crunchy and is often flavored with orange blossom water or rose water, giving it a floral aroma. Whether enjoyed as a snack or dessert, Namoura is a must-try for anyone visiting Jordan or seeking to explore Middle Eastern cuisine.

What is Namoura?

Namoura in Lebanon, Basbousa in Egypt and Harissa in Palestine; it’s a traditional dessert loved by everyone in the Middle East and made from special flour, Semolina, which is coarsely ground to make pasta and couscous. But here is the surprise: You can also find it in Armenia, where locals call it Shamali, and if you go to Iran, you can see it as Revani/Ravani. Finally, the Greeks also served it with some variations but with the same base!
It’s fused with syrups, nuts, and, most importantly, cultural aspects.

Namoura is the perfect cake during Ramadan. After having iftar, the family gathers to watch the TV while having a small piece of namoura with a cup of tea of coffee. That’s why it’s a traditional way of celebrating in the Middle East.


However, it’s a slightly simply-prepared desert. You can make it in a few minutes using a few ingredients. But before served, pastry is soaked in thick syrup fragranced with rosewater or orange blossom water. The perfect Namoura in Lebanon is baked with shredded coconut for a crispier texture.

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Topper With Nuts to Intensify the Flavor

For many who grow up in this region, this semolina cake is one of the most nostalgic desserts with the grandma sense. Its recipe is passed down from one generation to another. Even though it’s simple with a few ingredients and a moist texture, you will love it, especially if you have it at one of the traditional patisseries. If you choose to explore the Middle East with local guides in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey, they will help you get the best of each country!


The Middle Eastern Way to Taste Namoura

Before serving, the cake is cut into small cubes and come to room temperature. So, it’s served cool. And if you’re around Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, or even Syria, you can order your namoura from a local or decent coffee with a tea or with dark Turkish coffee with cardamom! That’s the best way to enjoy your piece of goodness. Even if you’re a healthy guy, you can have a bite of one small cube, but trust us, it’s a must!


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