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Local Tip: When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is every time! Yes, it’s true because Egypt is sprawling and you can head south (Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada) in winter and spend a beach vacation at the North Coast in summer. You always have something to do!

Egypt has long been regarded as one of the most exotic countries in the Middle East. Offering a blend of history, gastronomy, the most glorious ancient civilization, and warm vibes, the Arab country is a delight for travelers of all kinds. So whether you need to relax in a world-class hotel, visit landmarks, or relish its tranquil beaches, Egypt can surprise you with an authentic experience.

However, choosing the best time to visit Egypt can make or break your vacation. It comes down to enjoying pleasant weather that suits your particular vacation mode or set of needs.

From appreciating the splendor of the Giza Pyramids to having an opulent cruise trip to visit Luxor and securing an incredible Egypt tour, the country is alive with thousands of things to see and do.  

Let’s see when the best time to visit Egypt is to be able to plan your vacation ahead with activities that will be a feast for all the senses. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

To enjoy this impressive country, you are most likely to need more than one visit to explore all that Egypt has to offer—but again, you need to reconsider the time you show up here. And for course, you need a local tour guide in Egypt to dive into all known and less-known places around. Check out our reliable tour guides in Egypt if you’re ready for only authentic experiences!

Anyway, Egypt is best visited from September to April, when you can enjoy the chilly fall and lovely Spring. 

Temperatures are slightly cooler (especially for nightlife), and you are still guaranteed a fair share of sunlight in the daytime. 

This is when the country is at its perfect setting for comfortable temperatures. After that, you can go wild, exploring Cairo to Upper Egypt (Luxor and Aswan) and even Siwa (in the Western Desert).

During these seasons, the temperatures hit 25-30°C, which will be slightly cooler after sunset. However, these averages might vary if you plan to visit several cities across the country. For example, Red Sea cities will be great during autumn, while the Nile cruise trip is the best in winter.

Takeaway of Egypt’s Weather

Takeaway of Egypt’s Weather

  • Egypt is blessed with sunshine, no matter whether you will be there. So, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen. You will need it a lot, especially for historical Egypt tours.
  • Even in winter, bring the summer clothes you’d need, especially if you’d visit Luxor and Aswan. The weather is still warm with a gentle breeze. 
  • Rain here is rare or almost non-existent— you will not need your raincoat. But if you plan to spend several days on the coast (Alexandria and other coastal cities), you’d expect little rainfall.
  • The best time to visit Egypt is between October and May. However, if you plan to have an unmissable beach time on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, you can definitely visit Egypt anytime. 
  • Generally, the hottest months in Egypt are June, July, and August (Here is the super local tip: DON’T COME TO EGYPT IN AUGUST unless you plan to fly to the North Coast. You will be rewarded with turquoise water and upbeat summer vibes.
  • Again, if your main reason for visiting Egypt is to go around the historical sites, avoid August. Why? The daily temperatures can hit 40°C, perfect for immersing yourself in crystal clear Mediterranean beaches.
  • Another reason you should avoid Egypt in summer is the crowded streets, as many people take annual leave and universities and schools are off, resulting in higher prices.

Local Tip: Seasons & What You Can Do

Egypt, a captivating destination, consistently draws travelers from every corner of the globe, ensuring its vibrant energy never fades without the presence of enthusiastic visitors. However, the best time to visit Egypt depends on crowds, costs, variety, and climate. All of these can impact the memories you wish you brought back with your home.

Here are some highlights of things and activities you can do during the different seasons.

  • Summer: book your vacation at a classy resort on the North Coast, such as Rixos Alamein, Regal Heights Hotel, and Al Alamein Hotel. Your stay will be exceptional, and you’ll escape from both hot temperatures and crowds. 
  • Spring and Autumn: Explore historical landmarks in Cairo, such as Old Cairo, or go to Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, and Hugrada. 
  • Winter: Besides enjoying Christmas decorations in the capital, winter is the idyllic time to visit epic templates in Luxor and Aswan.  

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