Knafeh is a delicious Middle Eastern dessert that has uncertain origins. Some sources suggest it was created in Egypt during the 15th century, while others believe it was invented during the Umayyad Empire in the 10th century.

Regardless of its history, this pastry is enjoyed in many Middle Eastern countries. Made with a crust of spun pastry and a sweet cheese filling topped with a sugar-based syrup, Knafeh is a must-try treat.

Wondering what Knafeh tastes like? It’s a dessert that’s not too sweet, with a texture that melts in your mouth, making it easy to have more than one piece at a time.

What is Knafeh?

A sweet incredible dish layered with cream, nuts and sometimes soft cheese, depending on where you’ll eat it, drizzled with sugar syrup (or rosewater) and topped with other crunched nuts, mainly pistachios.

Made with dough, more like vermicelli, this dish has a lengthy history across the Middle East. Many sources have crowned Nablus, a Palestinian city in West Bank with the inventor of knafeh.

That’s why it’s sometimes called Nablusia. However, it’s undisputed that this Ramadan’s must-have dish hails from Umayyad dynasty. Regardless its origin, you need to give it a try!

Where Can You Eat Knafeh?

When we said it’s a Middle Eastern dish, we meant it! You can find knafeh around the Arab countries with mouth-watering variations. In the Levant region, be ready to taste the best pastry ever stuffed with mozzarella. In Egypt, you will taste all fillings, from nuts to Nutella chocolate!

If you’re in the Middle East, try to find a local patisserie with a vintage style to savor the typical knafeh. Or you can download Simem, and let’s explore new adventures with local guides in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine!

Best Local Pastry Shops in Egypt to Eat Original Knafeh?

One of the Oldest Middle Eastern Pastry

Honestly, no one can know the originality of kanafe. As we said, some stories said it’s an Egyptian recipe, and others said it’s from Nablus in Palestine. The most important thing now is to plan to come to the Middle East in Ramadan to celebrate all types of this dessert and capture photos of kanafe makers- a cultural symbol of Ramadan.

Eat this Impressive Dish: Knafeh

It’s said that knafeh as eaten as a filling meal during suhoor (the last meal Muslims eat n Ramadan before fasting- it should be eaten before the sunrise). It’s so popular in all Arab territories, but each country (the Levant, Egypt, and of course Palestine) has its own version comes with different variations and fillings. Also, you will find it in Turkey, the Balkans, and Turkey. This variation emerges in the type of syrup (orange blossom or thick simple sugar liquid) and what you plan to use as filler between layers.


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