Jordan Attractions: Beyond the Ordinary

Witnessing the Beauty of Jordan with our Kids

Fascinating Jordan

We visited Jordan this spring and had an amazing vacation while exploring Jordan attractions, historical sites and unbelievable desert landscapes, thanks to our local guide in Jordan, we hired him through Simsem! We traveled with young kids so we were a little worried in the beginning, but very quickly understood that it was actually a good idea.

The locals were super sweet to our kids and we kept receiving small gifts wherever we went.

We spent a few days in Amman that offers all the comfort you need while at the same time giving you a taste of the beautiful Middle East and we made it right by planning our itinerary to head to all Jordan attractions. We stayed in a little family hostel in a beautiful historical building with the typical Arab courtyard and it felt so homey we loved it.

Everything we are tasted heavenly and we loved the artsy side of the city. We then continued to the desert where we stayed in a Bedouin village. The stars just look so much closer when you’re in the desert, the kids were fascinated.

We’d recommend Jordan to anyone who wants to travel beyond the ‘usual’ touristic destinations.

John D.


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