What to See in Istanbul?

Our first time discovering Istanbul’s historic treasures and cultural blend

Our Journey Through Istanbul

We visited Istanbul this summer and it was a remarkable experience! After hiring a local guide in Istanbul, we had an amazing opportunity to uncover all unmissable places to see in Istanbul.

It was our first time and the city exceeded our expectations. People were lovely and the food was delicious. We saw all the renowned historical sites and the merger of east and west was fascinating. We would have loved to mingle a bit more with the locals but did not have enough time to fully explore that, so hopefully the next time!

We’ll definitely be back and travel a bit more in Turkey as a whole as we only did Istanbul this time.

If you plan to visit this city, here is what you see in Istanbul based on our experience:

Hagia Sophia: Oh, we got mesmerized by the stunning architecture! It’s a historical marvel that seamlessly blends elements of Christianity and Islam. As we stepped inside this iconic building, we were awed by the intricate mosaics, towering domes, and centuries-old artifacts that filled every corner. We witnessed the rich cultural history of Istanbul as we gazed upon this architectural wonder.

Grand Bazaar: What to see in Istanbul? Well, this vibrant bazaar has been a bustling marketplace hub of trade and commerce for centuries. Our local guide in Turkey explored endless aisles filled with colorful textiles, aromatic spices, intricate ceramics, and dazzling jewelry. It was a typical immersing experience in the lively atmosphere as we haggled with local vendors and sampled delicious Turkish delights. Also, the Grand Bazaar offers an authentic glimpse into Istanbul’s bustling local culture.

Chora Church: It’s a small yet magnificent Byzantine church adorned with breathtaking frescoes depicting scenes from biblical stories. Do you still need some ideas for your question about what to see in Istanbul? Just marvel at the immaculate artistry on display as you wander through this lesser-known treasure tucked away in the heart of Istanbul. 


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