Watch a Timeless Arabic Film: Cinema Zawya

Dive into Arabic Cinema: A Cultural Experience




Ready to Immerse Yourself in timeless Arabic Cinema?

There is no better way to understand a country’s culture than watching movies. But it’s not just like any other movie theater.

Cinema Zawya is a cultural center where you can find people from around the world who are fascinated about classic movies just like you. We are Egyptians and we know what you’d like to watch and what is considered time-wasting. All movies come with English subtitles. So, after watching a really good Arabic movie, you will join a group discussion to share with others what you think and strike questions to dig deeper in Egyptian culture, and know more about Egyptian superstars who framed the Arabic cinema scene. So, let’s have an authentic movie night in the heart of Cairo!

Note: Price does not include food, drinks, tickets or transportation.

Come join me for an authentic movie night, uncovering the essence of Cairo’s cinematic culture!

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Alaa Mohamed

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Arabic Cinema Immersion

Cultural Movie Discussion

Legendary Superstars Insights

Authentic Cairo Movie Experience

Insight into Egyptian Culture

Meeting Place

Cairo, Egypt

15 Emad El-Deen, Oraby, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate 4320111, Egypt


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