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Ready to relax and slow down in Middle Eastern Hammams?

What to Expect

You’ve been travelling for some time now and have seen so much, it’s been great but you’re feeling like you could slow down a bit. You also feel like being pampered and indulging… and you’ve considered the famous Middle Eastern hammams…but you don’t feel completely comfortable with the idea…I get it and I got your back. The Hammam is a ritual and you could use a friendly companion. I can recommend the best one in town! You’ll feel like a new human after the experience and you I guarantee you it won’t be your last time!

Please note: Price does not include food, drinks, tickets or transportation.

Experience Middle Eastern Hammams if you’re feeling like you could slow down a bit after travelling!

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Mostafah Abdella

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Relaxing Hammam Experience


Relaxing Day

Pamper & Indulgle

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Meeting Place

Alexandria, Egypt

567 Abou Quer, Al Aqesa WA Baqos, El Raml 1, Alexandria Governorate 5450215, Egypt


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