That Ice Cream! Oh, That Ice Cream

Indulge in Egypt’s Unique Ice Cream Delights




Ready to Savor Egypt's Special Ice Creams?

Yes, this is a fact, ice cream in the Middle East is different than your regular ice cream. It is done differently and served differently. In fact it is a small ritual and we love to participate in it time and time again. If ice cream is your thing, you have to try the traditional ones that I will take you to. And if your sweet tooth is requesting more, we can continue to the place that has the best knafeh in town.

Ice cream price, drinks, or food are not included.

Join me to savor Egypt’s distinct ice cream culture!

Delight in the unique way ice cream is made and enjoyed here, a cherished local ritual. Experience traditional flavors and explore the town’s best Knafeh for an unforgettable, sweet adventure through the heart of Egypt!

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Hamdy Debes

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Local Ice Cream Tradition

Authentic Flavors

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Meeting Place

Giza, Egypt

X6V7+WHP. Saqiyet Mekki, Giza District. Giza Governorate 3723310, Egypt


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