Taste the Most Popular Juice in Egypt (Aseer Asab)

Indulge in Egypt’s Iconic Local Beverage: Aseer Asab (Sugarcane Juice)



Ready to savor Egypt’s most popular and authentic drink?

What to Expect

You’re in Egypt but haven’t tasted the most popular drink in Egypt? How is that possible!

You need to head to one of the local fruit shops to drink Aseer Asab (Sugarcane Juice)! The drink is prepared in front of your eyes, using one of the most traditional machine in Egypt, the Presser (Assara in Arabic). Your drink will be served in a glass cup. So, you have to finish your cup in a few seconds and don’t ask why there is no other option!

It’s a way to visit Egypt through the eyes of locals. Our guide will get you access to one of the oldest shops in Egypt.

Note: Price does not include food, tickets or transportation.

Immerse yourself in an authentic Egyptian experience by tasting Aseer Asab, the most beloved local beverage.

Experience the traditional preparation process firsthand and savor this iconic sugarcane elixir. It’s not just a drink; it’s a way to embrace Egypt through the eyes of locals.

Get ready to savor tradition in a cup and experience the authentic taste of Egypt!

Your Guide

Hossam Salah Abdelhamid Shahbar

Your Guide

Abdullrahman Zaki

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