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Let’s venture to a Qahwa, a traditional café that is typically found on the streets of Egypt. Qahwas are considered the ultimate safe haven for Egyptian men. Whether they’re looking to catch an important sports match, sip on a cup of coffee or tea, or simply enjoy a good laugh and quality time with their buddies, Qahwas are the go-to spot. Not just that, everyone has its preferred Qahwa and they can’t change it under any circumstances. What’s more, Qahwas are one of the most affordable ways to enjoy oneself. Even if you don’t order anything, no one will ask you to leave. You’re cordially invited to partake in this authentic local experience, where you can witness firsthand how Egyptian men spend their evenings. Engage in a game of tables, one of the traditional games, or strike up a conversation with some of the humorous locals.

Please note: Price does not include food, drinks, tickets or transportation.

Come along and join me for an evening at a Qahwa, the quintessential Egyptian café. Each Qahwa holds its unique charm, discover how evenings unfold for locals at this cultural hub with me

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Hossam Salah Abdelhamid Shahbar

Your Guide

Osama Sayed Ahmed Alazab

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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo International Airport (CAI), Egypt


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