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What to Expect

Embark on a unique journey along the Nile as we explore the Nubian Village with a local guide in Egypt, a hidden gem nestled along the Cornish El Neil. Join me for an immersive experience where a motorboat ride, cultural insights, and a taste of Nubian hospitality await.


Motorboat Pick-up (Flexible Time):

Begin your adventure with a motorboat pick-up from any location along Cornish El Neil. Settle in as we sail on the Nile, enjoying the scenic beauty of the river.

Nubian Village Arrival (30 minutes):
After a leisurely half-hour cruise, we reach the Nubian Village. Marvel at the charming Nubian houses and perhaps catch a glimpse of the resident crocodile.

Traditional Nubian Drink and Lunch:
Experience Nubian hospitality with a traditional drink. Then, savor a delicious lunch, immersing yourself in the authentic flavors of the region.

Village Exploration (Walking or Camel Ride):
Take a guided tour through the village, either on foot or by camel, gaining insights into the Nubian community and their rich civilization. Learn about their customs, traditions, and daily life.

Cultural Insights:
Engage with the locals, ask questions, and witness the vibrant culture of the Nubian people. Gain a deeper understanding of their history and heritage.

Motorboat Return to Aswan:
Conclude our adventure with a motorboat ride back to Aswan, soaking in the beautiful surroundings of the Nile.

What’s included

  • pick-up and drop-off by motor boat
  • expert local guiding
  • lunch and drinks
  • camel ride

It does not include

  • accommodation

Children Policy

Make it a family affair with half-price tickets for children aged 6 to 12. Little ones aged 1 to 5 can enjoy the tour for free, ensuring an inclusive and memorable experience for all.

Important Details

Duration: 3h
Type: Private Tour
Runs: Every Day
Pick-up: any location along Cornish El Neil


Enjoy the picturesque scenery with Simsem local tour guides in Egypt as we sail to the village where you’ll have the chance to indulge in a delightful lunch. Explore the village on foot or by camel, discovering the vibrant Nubian culture.

Your Guide

Khaled Mohamed

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Why Book this Tour?

Scenic Nile River journey

Authentic Nubian cuisine

Village exploration on foot or by camel

Get dressed with local customs

Comfort transportation

Meeting Place

Aswan, Egypt

Aswan, Egypt


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