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What to Expect

We’ve all had haircuts, right? But have you ever tried the local hairdressers and barbershops that add a unique twist to this everyday service? Trust me, it’s a different experience altogether, especially when you will do that with a local guide in Egypt, and you’ll feel it the moment you step in. Join me for a haircut or a trim, and I’ll take you to my favorite spot where you’ll see what I mean!


  1. Meetup in Almanial:
    • Let’s kick off our day at Almanial, our meeting point for this authentic experience.
  2. Visit to a Surian Barbershop:
    • Experience a haircut at a local Surian barbershop, where the approach is anything but standard. Get ready for a refreshing change!
  3. Tea at My House:
    • After the haircut, I’ll extend an invitation to my place for a cup of tea. We can relax, chat, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

What’s included:

  • Local Guiding & translating
  • Barbershop Service fee

It does not include:

  • food
  • transportation.

Important Details

  • Duration: 2h
  • Type: Local Living Experience
  • Runs: Every Day
  • Time: Flexible times

Discover a whole new take on grooming at my favorite local barbershop. I am a local tour guide in Egypt. This tour will redefine your haircut experience together!

Your Guide

Ahmed Maher

Your Guide

Mostafah Abdella

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Why Book this Tour?

Have a cultural haircut

Explore local areas

Interact with locals

Capture authentic shots

Make local friends

Meeting Place

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt


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