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Step Back in Time: Embrace Egypt’s Grandparent Stories




Ready to Step into Egypt's History Through the Eyes of its Beloved Elders?

The Middle East, as we know it, has always had that nostalgic sentiment attached to it. Perhaps it’s because of how it’s depicted on the silver screen.

Imagine you can share moments with someone who has lived what it was like decades ago. Do you get mesmerized by hearing stories of the old days by the elders? And aren’t these even more interesting if they come from the mouth of a Middle Eastern grandpa or grandma?

Are you tempted yet? Then come meet my grandparents, see the beauties of the old Egypt through their eyes and they will make you feel as if you travelled back in time.

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Price does not include food, drinks, tickets or transportation.

Embark on a unique journey to meet the endearing grandparents of Egypt, offering a glimpse into the country’s captivating past. Experience the nostalgia of the Middle East by sharing moments with those who’ve lived through its historical eras.

Come, witness the richness of Egypt’s history through their eyes, and feel as though you’ve journeyed back in time. Get ready for an unforgettable experience, where Egypt’s history and charm come to life through the stories of its beloved grandparents!

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Hossam Salah Abdelhamid Shahbar

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Insight into Egypt's History

Living Stories from Elders

Nostalgic Journey

Authentic Cultural Exchange

Unforgettable Memories

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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt


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