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Ready for a Day Exploring Petra’s Rich History?

What to Expect

Welcome aboard! We’ll kick off our day trip to Petra from Amman bright and early. Buckle up for a 2-3 hour drive, soaking in the scenic views along the way. As you roll into Petra, get ready to be wowed by the Siq – a narrow gorge leading to the mesmerizing Treasury.

Once you are in, it’s time to explore! U will be walking through the ancient wonders like the Street of Facades, Royal Tombs, and the impressive Roman Theater. Feel free to channel your inner adventurer and climb up to the Monastery for an unbeatable view.
As the day winds down, we’ll hit the road back to Amman in the late afternoon, making sure to catch any sunset magic at spots like Mount Nebo. It’s a full day of history, adventure, and stunning landscapes – let’s make it one for the books! Ready to roll?

Embark on a day trip from Amman to Petra! Immerse yourself in history, adventure, and picturesque landscapes throughout the day, ending with a potential sunset view at Mount Nebo. Let’s make this day an unforgettable adventure!

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Iyad Alqaryouti

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Amman, Jordan

Queen Alia International Airport, Desert Highway, Amman, Jordan


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