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Hello habibii’m Roma our tour as usual -starts at 9am (if you nead change we can discuss)- pick up point from your hotel (if yours in gize or downtown cairo)-our spots is :1-cave church with the unforgettable miracle 2- winter church under the mountain 3- garbage area with amazing experience with the pigeons 4- coptic cairo( including 3 churches)5- the last spot is the first mosque was built in Egypt

Join me on an extraordinary journey through Coptic Cairo, where we’ll explore the Cave Church, witness unforgettable miracles, and experience the unique beauty of the Garbage Area with its resident pigeons. Let’s uncover the rich history and spiritual significance of this ancient enclave!

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Explore Winter Church Beneath the Mountain

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Discover Coptic Cairo's Rich Heritage

Visit Egypt's First Mosque

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Cairo, Egypt

1 شارع محمد محمود، ميدان التحرير, قسم قصر النيل، محافظة القاهرة‬ 4272077، مصر


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