Adventurous Food Tour: Only for Those Who Dare!

Unveil Egypt’s Street Food Wonders on an Adventurous Culinary Journey!



Ready to dive into Egypt’s daring street food scene?

What to Expect

You will never get hungry in Egypt. Why? Because you will find vendors, food carts, and a lot more! They offer everything you can imagine.

You want to taste all and discover what street food in Egypt is all about. We don’t blame you. The air is loaded with irresistible aroma and you want to partake in what locals eat every day. But what if you’re going out to explore only delicious street food to avoid any digestive problems and find out historical food trucks and worthy local small vendor? You need to be accompanied with a local!

Please note: Price does not include food, drinks, tickets or transportation.

Join me on an adventurous food tour, designed exclusively for the daring food enthusiasts.

In Egypt, the streets are a treasure trove of culinary delights. But to truly explore the diverse and historical street food scene, you’ll need a local guide. Together, we’ll uncover the hidden gems of street cuisine, from iconic food trucks to cherished local vendors.

Let’s savor the flavors of Egypt, experiencing what locals enjoy every day, while ensuring an authentic and safe culinary adventure. Get ready to embark on a scrumptuous journey through Egypt’s streets, discovering the essence of its vibrant food culture.

Your Guide

Abdullrahman Zaki

Your Guide

Mostafah Abdella

Your Guide

Ghonaimy Alaa

Your Guide

Mohamed Arafa

Your Guide

Osama Sayed Ahmed Alazab

Your Guide

Maria Samy

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Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt


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