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A typical day in Ancient Egyptian farms: Don’t miss this! What do you think about starting your day in Dahshur, where the oldest pyramids are, and ending your day at a farm where you can enjoy the sunset and have the most authentic food? Yes, Egypt has more than these three super famous pyramids. It’s a day you will never forget… I am Ahmed, and I will be honored to take you there. I have more than 20 years of experience in managing such tours. No worries at all; I have you covered with all you need to enjoy your time while exploring one of the oldest spots in the world. And if you’re willing to offer another thing special, please let me know- I can handle this too… Let’s dive into one of the unbelievable experiences in Egypt!

Please note: Price does not include food, drinks, tickets or transportation.

Join me for an extraordinary adventure to Dahshur, home to the oldest pyramids, and an authentic farm where the sunset paints the sky! Allow me to introduce you to the wonders of ancient Egyptian heritage in a way you’ll never forget. Let’s create timeless memories together amidst the enchanting landscapes of Dahshur

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Ahmed Nady

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Sheraton Al Matar, Cairo Governorate, 4472130, Egypt


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