A Day in a Farm in Minya

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An unfordable day on a farm in Minya.

Did you know that agriculture was the core of Ancient Egyptian civilization? They were creative in inventing ways to plant and make the best of the Nile River. Since you’re in Egypt and you’re searching for a special experience to dive into this country’s culture, let’s explore an authentic atmosphere on a farm in Minya, a governorate in Upper Egypt, where we can take our food from the main source directly.

This gateway is customized for you! No matter what you want to discover here in Egypt’s countryside, I can offer this for you – rural and genuine Egyptian food, a donkey ride, reaping ripe plants, cooking, and much more… Habibi, come to a farm in Egypt!

Please note: Price does not include food, drinks, tickets or transportation.

Discover the heart of ancient Egyptian civilization through agriculture. Join me for an unforgettable day on a Minya farm.

Explore authentic rural life through Egypt’s countryside with me! Book now for an immersive, authentic experience!

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Ahmed Nady

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Minya, Egypt

Minya, Egypt


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