A Day in a Farm in Minya

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Ready for an immersive rural adventure in Egypt?

What to Expect

Embark on an unforgettable day in Minya, a governorate in Upper Egypt, to witness the heart of Ancient Egyptian civilization – agriculture with a verified local guide. Experience the authenticity of a local farm, where the essence of Egypt’s culture unfolds through rural activities, genuine Egyptian cuisine, and a connection with the land.
This personalized gateway offers a variety of experiences – from savoring authentic Egyptian cuisine to embarking on a donkey ride, reaping ripe plants, and engaging in the art of cooking. It’s a day tailored just for you, providing a genuine glimpse into the rich agricultural traditions of Egypt. Habibi, come and immerse yourself in the soul of Egypt on this enchanting farm!


Arrival at the Farm: Begin your day at a charming farm in Minya.

Introduction to Agriculture: Discover the agricultural heritage of Ancient Egypt with insights into innovative planting methods along the Nile River.

Hands-On Farm Experience: Engage in farm activities such as reaping ripe plants and gaining a hands-on understanding of traditional farming practices.

Culinary Adventure: Immerse yourself in genuine Egyptian cuisine, prepared with love and authenticity.

Donkey Ride: Experience the charm of a donkey ride, exploring the scenic surroundings of the farm.

Cooking Session: Participate in a cooking session to create traditional Egyptian dishes.

Farewell: Bid adieu to the farm, cherishing the memories created during this authentic Egyptian agricultural experience.

What’s included:

  • expert local guiding

It does not include:

  • food & drinks
  • pick-up & drop-off

Children Policy

Make it a family affair with half-price tickets for children aged 6 to 12. Little ones aged 1 to 5 can enjoy the tour for free, ensuring an inclusive and memorable experience for all.

Important Details

Duration: around 4h
Meeting Place: To be established together with the guest
Meeting Time: Any time of the day
Type of tour: Private Group
** This is a customized tour, so the above itinerary can be changed to fit your needs and make the most of your day

Discover the heart of ancient Egyptian civilization through agriculture with a local tour guide in Egypt. Join me for an unforgettable day on a Minya farm.

Explore authentic rural life through Egypt’s countryside with me! Book now for an immersive, authentic experience!

Your Guide

Ahmed Nady

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Why Book this Tour?

Authentic rural experience on the banks of the Nile

Get closer to cultural adventure

Engage in hands-on farm activities

Have your authentic local cuisine in the heart of nature

Capture scenic shots with locals

Meeting Place

Minya, Egypt

Minya, Egypt


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