Discovering Jordan’s Culture: A Deep Dive into Cultural Festivals and Events

One of the things you need to explore instantly while visiting the Middle East is to immerse yourself in Jordan’s culture. Jordan is one of the easiest countries to move around, brimming with attractions you don’t want to miss!

Jordan's Rich Cultural Heritage

Jordan is a nation revered for its rich cultural heritage, it invites travelers to embark on a journey into its past and present through a myriad of vibrant festivals and events. Throughout the year, this Middle Eastern gem comes alive with celebrations that showcase its deep-rooted history and traditions.

Let’s explore the immersive cultural tapestry of Jordan, offering a unique blend of ancient wonders and modern festivities.

Things You Need to Do to Explore Jordan’s Culture

If you’re looking for Amman’s events, here we compiled a bunch of the best events you don’t want to miss to understand, appreciate and celebrate Jordan’s culture with locals.


    • Attend Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts

      Experience Jordan’s Cultural Extravaganza

      Nestled within the ancient walls of Jerash, the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts is a month-long celebration that beckons visitors from across the globe. Held annually in July and August, this grand event transforms the historic Roman city into a melting pot of artistic expression.

      Wander through the well-preserved ruins and witness captivating performances ranging from traditional music and dance to contemporary theater. It’s the best explanation of Jordan’s culture. The festival not only pays homage to Jordan’s heritage but also serves as a global platform for cultural exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the world’s diverse traditions.




    • Go to Petra by Night

      Unveiling the Magic After Sunset

      As the sun sets over the rose-red city, Petra of Jordan, a mystical transformation takes place during Petra by Night. This enchanting event, held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, offers visitors a unique perspective of the ancient Nabatean city.

      Picture yourself walking through the Siq, a narrow gorge illuminated solely by the soft glow of candles, leading you to the iconic Treasury.

      Guided tours with locals unfold the tales of Petra’s past, providing an intimate encounter with the site’s architectural marvels and the centuries-old mysteries hidden within its rock-carved walls.




    • Visit Aqaba Cultural Festival

      Celebrating Vibrancy in the South

      In October, the southern city of Aqaba bursts into vibrant hues during the Aqaba Cultural Festival. This annual celebration highlights the rich aspects of Jordan culture, featuring an array of events such as music and dance performances, traditional crafts, and bustling food fairs.

      Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as locals proudly showcase their heritage. The festival not only entertains but also educates, offering a window into the traditions that have shaped the coastal communities of Aqaba for centuries.





    • Don’t Miss Dead Sea Marathon

      Running Amidst Spectacular Landscapes

      March witnesses the convergence of running enthusiasts from around the world at the Dead Sea Marathon. Known for its challenging terrain, the marathon takes participants through the striking landscapes surrounding the Dead Sea.

      The event not only tests the endurance of runners but also provides a unique opportunity to appreciate Jordan’s culture and the beauty of the lowest point on Earth. From the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea to the panoramic views of the Jordanian mountains, especially in Aljoun, the marathon is an immersive experience that combines physical exertion with natural splendor.




  • Explore Jerash Roman Army & Chariot Experience

    A Glimpse into Ancient Warfare

    Transport yourself back in time during the Jerash Roman Army and Chariot Experience, an annual summer spectacle in the city of Jerash.

    The ancient ruins serve as the backdrop for this historical reenactment, where visitors can witness Roman soldiers marching in formation and chariots racing through the well-preserved streets. This immersive Jordan event offers a glimpse into the military might and cultural richness of ancient civilization, providing a dynamic and educational experience for attendees of all ages.




Jordan’s Culture Means Endless Celebrations

Beyond the highlighted events, Jordan’s cultural calendar is brimming with numerous festivals, gatherings, and celebrations that span the entire country.

From the bustling markets of Amman to the serene landscapes of Wadi Rum, and the wonders of Jordan Petra, visitors can immerse themselves in the diverse traditions that have shaped Jordanian culture for centuries. 

Explore local crafts, savor traditional cuisine, and engage with welcoming communities to gain a holistic understanding of Jordan’s multifaceted identity.

Tourists visit only popular destinations. Travelers allow themselves to find out a new way of life in each country they visit. If you’re willing to discover how people live, eat, interact, celebrate, communicate in the Middle East, Download Simsem now and choose your local guide in your next destination!

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