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Founded in June 2022, Simsem is a travel startup created by a passionate team of Europeans and Middle Easterners who are deeply committed to inspiring young Westerners to visit and learn about the Middle East. Our goal is to provide a reliable and straightforward way for travelers to make the most of the region’s top cultural activities and enjoy authentic experiences guided by locals.

Products and Services

We promote local experiences and shine a light on interacting with locals, giving young Westerners the opportunity to understand the daily life of the country, its culture, food, religion, and of course, enjoy outdoor activities.  Our app allows travelers to :

  1. Book local experiences with local guides,
  2. Dine with local families,
  3. Discover and purchase unique, handmade products.
  4. With our app, travelers can immerse themselves in the culture and gain a deeper understanding of the country they are visiting.

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