Sailing the Nile

A Guide to Nile Cruises and Felucca Rides in Egypt

When searching for Egypt’s tours, you need to consider this!

Having a Nile cruise around Egypt is one of the most fascinating things to experience there. It could represent the ultimate itinerary, offering the key factor to having a terrific vacation.

However, planning this journey requires understanding some insights about how it works.

Let’s see what you need to know before sailing down the Nile.

Explore Beautiful Egypt

The Nile is the second-longest river in the world. But the most important question is how to guarantee the best way to discover the countless treasures of Egypt through the Nile.

During winter, you can book a Nile boat and go to Upper Egypt, Luxor, and Aswan, where you can find temples, tombs, and more.

But what if you need to experience felucca rides inside Cairo? Could you go to the shore and get inside a boat?

No, it doesn’t work like that.

Here is what you need to know when choosing any Nile boat for an inspiring journey.

Things You Need to Know When Planning Your Amazing Nile Cruise

Pick a TRUSTED Operator

Not all operators deserve your trust. Don’t just focus on how much you’d spend on the cruise and book with an unreliable company. Of course, you can save money. But what would you say if you cut your budget for the worst trip or inadequate guidance? If you need more clarification about your operator’s reputation, you can book with a good travel agency with a long history or find your local guide in Egypt with Simsem and be ready to experience authentic tours around the country.


Go with a Personal Local Guide for a Felucca Ride

If you don’t plan to go far from Cairo, you can enjoy a sailboat and have a romantic experience without moving too much. However, beware of the local vendors who might rip you off or the shabby boats that might ruin your Nile experience. New operators such as AlMarkeb, Felucca, Andrea, and Nile Crystal run a decent ship along Cairo. Or a personal local guide can organize the whole journey and toiler your Egypt’s tour without worrying too much about charging more for less.


Expect to Visit the Attractions Within a Tight Schedule

One of the drawbacks of visiting Luxor and Aswan on a Nile cruise is how long you will visit each landmark and what you can see in each city.

If you want to discover untold wonders, you’d have to go independently. Why? Because the vessel will stop in front of a set of attractions, you will have to leave on time to complete your Nile ride.

Some might not like the idea of being confined in the boat and just getting out to visit the landmarks along the way. Others might find the land-based hotel is perfect for moving around with ease. But it would help if you defined your expectations.

It’s possible to miss some sights, and you should be okay with that.


Choose the Right Time

When booking your tours in Egypt, consider when you will visit each city. Summer in Egypt is unbearable in almost all cities except the Mediterranean region, including Alexandria and the North Coast. So, if you want to visit Luxor and Aswan, avoid booking your Nile cruise from May to October.

You can make it in November to beat the crowds and find the best deals, but make sure to check the weather before confirming your reservation.

Even in Cairo, coming in the summer will not be a good choice, especially on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). All worthy spots will be stuffed with people who just completed their tests and enjoyed the long vacation.


Nile Cruise Starts From Luxor or Aswan

There are only two destinations to take your luxury Nile vessel: Luxor and Aswan. There is no difference between your cruise, depending on your point. And you will check out the exact locations. But if you dream of soaring over Luxor in a balloon, you have to plan ahead. So start your trip from Luxor and book your balloon ride before you board your cruise ship.

That applies to visiting the Abu Simbel temple, too. Unfortunately, it isn’t included in the cruise itinerary; you must see it before heading there.

The trip will last for 3 nights, but we recommend booking for a 4-night journey so you are not in a rush while drifting the Nile.


Pro tip: there is an international airport in Abu Simbel. Fly to it directly and find an operator to start your journey from Aswan. Need a local guide in Egypt to have a great Nile tour while experiencing all the wonders? Download Simsem

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