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5 Popular Cairo Markets You Don’t Want to Miss

If you want an authentic experience in a country, go to its popular Cairo markets with a local guide, especially if this country has a long history. Here is your guide if you plan for exceptional Egypt tour. 

A Guide to Must-Visit Markets and Souqs

If you’re thinking of visiting Egypt, you’re probably already excited about seeing the Pyramids and museums, and you might overlook one of the most critical aspects distinguishing Egypt— markets or souqs (in the Middle East and North Africa, souq means a street marketplace) 

Egypt is world-famous for its rich historical heritage, immersive old culture, fantastic scenery, and street markets! It’s among the most remarkable tourist destinations in the Arab world and Africa. Each spot has an array of sightseeing well worth exploring. 

So, if you want to spend perfect Egypt tour uncovering untouristed sites, you need to hit these bustling markets before leaving!

Let’s see where, how, and what you expect from these spots.

5 Popular Cairo Markets for Immersive Experience

Here is a fun fact for you: Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is home to around 10 million people. So, you can imagine how buzzing the popular markets will be, especially at weekends (Fridays and Saturdays)


Shopping in Egypt is an unmatched experience, like being in a typical dream. You can find all beautiful artifacts, man-made cultural items, and natural products within your reach and, most importantly, at AMAZING prices! 


Wekalet Al Balah

Location: the Nile Corniche

How to get there: If you choose Wakalet Al Balah to be one of your Egypt tours, request an Uber ride. Dating back to the 19th century, Wekalet Al Balah is a well-known market in Egypt where you can find excellent stuff for a great deal. It comprises medium-quality goods and second-hand clothes. But if you plan to spend a lot of time here, you can find other beautiful products such as bags, antiques, furniture, fabrics, and more. So it’s more than a shopping market; it’s an adventure in itself.



Souq Al Goma’a (Friday’s Market)

Location: under El-Tonsi Bridge, Old Cairo

How to get there: Request an Uber ride (IMPORTANT: Never go there without a trusted local guide!)
Souq Al Goma’a is a must-visit famous Cairo market if you’d love to get an unforgettable experience. Located near Salah Eldin Citadel, the market is filled with different kinds of products at surprising prices. However, don’t expect to get high quality. Anyway, it’s a mecca for collecting unique items to recycle or second-hand products.



Souq Diana

Location: Downtown, in front of the Diana cinema

How to get there: The nearest metro station to reach your destination is Gamel Abdel Nasar.

Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, this place always makes for an unforgettable day out. Souq Diana is one of the fantastic Cairo markets! I consider it a hidden gem in Cairo for everyone obsessed with antiques, old copies of newspapers, historic coins, and iconic postcards. Unfortunately, it will take more than 5 hours to sort the displays and find out what you’re willing to buy. But before you grab anything, ask yourself if you really need it or are just falling for the market’s charm!




Souk Al Fustat

Location: The entrance of Coptic Cairo

How to get there: Mary Gerges metro station

Situated on Corner el Emam Street, a well-organized modern market is established to welcome and fascinate tourists with local high-end products. You can find accessories, local clothes, cushions, trays, décor accents, vases, utensils, and paintings. All the stuff is hand-made, and you can strike conversations with vendors; they are well-educated with super nice variety of authentic pieces. So, if you want to explore the area within your Egypt tours, go ahead and don’t be afraid of scams or tourist traps there.





Khan el-Khalili

Location: El-Gamaleya, Old Cairo

How to get there: Request an Uber ride

It’s one of the most popular Cairo markets and the oldest one, too, established in 1382. The souq is nestled between imposing historic buildings and Islamic landmarks. Also, it must be on your bucket list if you’re a silver lover. Be ready to collect thousands of beautiful items, including old antiques, coins, handicrafts, copper accessories, costumes, and Arabic perfume.





Local Tips Before You Go to Markets in Egypt

  • Don’t go alone! You will have trouble communicating with locals in working-class districts in Cairo (exceptSouk Al Fustat and Khan el-Khalili, as we said) No one will speak with you in English, and you can not get what you want easily. That’s why we need a local guide in Egypt with you.
  • Never settle for the first price they give you. The sellers here are savvy and know how to play the game. They’ll quote you a high price, hoping you’ll bite, but they’re always ready to haggle. Sadly, they’ll try to rip you off once they know you’re a foreigner. That’s why you need a local guide in Egypt by your side on this tour.
  • Skip the car rental if you want to visit the bustling Cairo markets. Trust me, you don’t want to get stuck in traffic or searching everywhere for parking. These markets are crammed with people and goods in tight alleys; there’s no room for cars. Uber is your best bet, or better yet, hop on the metro if there’s a station nearby.
  • To beat the crowds, avoid getting into popular Cairo markets at weekends. In general, when you plan your Egypt tours, avoid touristic places in weekends.
  • Avoid wearing fancy clothes so as not to provoke sellers to set an unreasonable price.
  • Keep a close eye on your bag because you might run into some sneaky thieves.
  • Forget about visas. It would help if you always had cash— local currencies. 


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