Exploring the Authentic Side of Cairo

5 Places to Visit in Cairo: Royal Palaces, Churches, and Museums You’d Love to Visit

There are infinite reasons to visit Egypt! Here, we will give you a snippet of the top places to visit in Cairo and other things to do in Egypt, as every drop of water and every corner carries a fantastic story! Let’s dive deeper into this immortal city ?


Exploring the Authentic Side of Cairo

When it comes to picking the best cities in the world to have an unforgettable vacation, you might not remember Cairo, Egypt.

And yes! You have a clue… Cairo is chaotic, crowded, and buzzing! On the surface, you barely find something inviting. But, on the ground, you would see millions of things to discover. That’s why your tours in Egypt should start from here 🙂

Of course, you have put Giza Pyramids on the top of your list. Of course, it’s a special spot. But it’s not what we’re in it for! 

Get off the beaten path and discover Cairo beyond the typical stereotypes, and you’ll be surprised by what the city has in store for you!



Top Places to Visit in Cairo You Don't Want to Miss

If you’re interested in unique history with rich culture, experience wonders while planning your Egypt tours and indulge in a vacation you’ll never forget. We’ve gathered several hidden treasures and places to visit in Cairo that should be kept secret for a while. So let’s go and explore.


Darb 1718

Location: Kasr Al Shama’e, Kom Ghorab, Old Cairo

How to get there: five minutes away from Mar Girgis metro station or request an Uber ride wherever you are

General tips: if you’re looking for a special night, sign up from the official website to attend musical events or participate in a workshop.

Even people who have never been to Cairo can tell you what the main sights and attractions of the city are— The pyramids, the Nile, the cache of pharaonic heritage, and the Egyptian Museum. But the city is more than just that. Cairo has stepped into cultural riches, and Darb 1718 is one of the iconic sights.

It’s a cultural center that hosts a bunch of exhibits and hand-made crafts manifesting contemporary Egyptian art.



The Coptic Museum

Location: 3 Mari Gerges, Kom Ghorab, Old Cairo

How to get there: in front of Mar Girgis metro station. It’s the best way, especially if you plan to visit it during rush hour! Unfortunately, the traffic turns out to be a nightmare!

General tips: Learn the stories behind the priceless relics that date back to the dawn of civilization with a tour guide. Just download Simsem and hire a local guide in Egypt for an experience unlike any other. Also, one of the places to visit in Cairo is the Coptic Museum, a stunning blend of Islamic art and architectural flair. Established in 1910, it houses over 16,000 artifacts from 12 different periods of Egyptian history. The museum is nestled in a lush garden beside the ancient Roman fortress of Babylon, with its own fascinating tale. Be aware that the museum is quite large and consists of two sections linked by the garden. Once you start your tour, you can’t go back to the previous section. So make sure you don’t miss anything! On the other hand, it’s a one-way system, meaning you must complete your visit by the end– you would need at least 2 hours to get to the gate. However, it’s a must-visit while managing your tours in Egypt.




Location: Al-Miqyas Street, Southern Tip of Al-Roda Island

How to get there: The best way is to request an Uber ride.

General tips: Nilometer is open daily from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Make time to visit Monastery Palace. It’s just next door, another one of the places to visit in Cairo. A must-visit spot in Cairo with a history dating back to 861 AD, the Nilometer is a standard tool to measure the flood levels of the Nile River. So what? It’s one of the oldest measurement units in the world, topped by an impressive dome. However, it was restructured after the French army destroyed the original. Also, you will get a beautiful view of the Nile River.




Manial Palace

Location: 1 Al Saraya, Old Cairo

How to get there: Taking an Uber is the best way

General tips: It’s open every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but avoid going at weekends to beat crowds. You’ll want to snap away every moment of your tour, so make sure you get an early start to get photos without heads. It’s worth it! Get ready with your local guide in Egypt to help you know the majestic history behind every stone. Want to see what Cairo looked like when it was a monarchy?

Then, Manial Palace is where you should know how the other half of Egyptian kings (Khedives) once lived it up. Here, you can find historic corners, curiosities, hidden-away art, awe-inspiring antiques, and other beautiful items you do nothing about. After this authentic Egypt’s tour, you will wonder why this imposing building appears outside a traditional Cairo attractions itinerary.



Aisha Fahmy Palace

Location: 1 Aziz Abaza, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek

How to get there: 5 minutes away from Safaa Hegazy metro station. Don’t worry about getting lost on the subway – look for Zamalk, and you’ll find your destination! You can also take an Uber, but I prefer to have a stroll around Zamalek. It’s one of the most prestigious districts in Egypt.

General tips: The palace is open only if an exhibition is inside. Definitely, it’s one of the best things to do in Egypt. So, make sure that it hosts one before you go. It’s an art complex and a beautiful palace, becoming a mecca for contemporary art lovers. Overlooking the Nile, the palace becomes one of the most inspiring places to visit in Cairo thanks to its beauty, relieved by its design, walls, antiques, and displays. Photographing is allowed, so make sure to capture this quaint royal mansion with its overwhelming art.

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