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5 Festivals in Egypt You Should Plan Your Trip Around

When you travel with a local guide in Egypt, you can expect to uncover many awe-inspiring experiences. Your tours in Egypt can be everything between exploring historical sites to have fascinating cuisines! But one of which should include a taste of the spirit of cultural festivals there. Here is your guide!

Embracing Egypt: Top 5 Festivals for Culture and Celebration

The grandeur of pharaonic civilization, which manifests in the Giza Pyramids, the vibrant (sometimes becomes chaotic and unbelievable) energy of the capital, Cairo, along with relaxing beaches with the crystal clear waters of Hurghada where you can observe extinct coral leaves, provide the idyllic backdrop for an exotic country rich in religious and cultural celebrations. 

If you’re planning for Egypt tours and willing to immerse yourself in unique Middle Eastern culture for more than a few days, you’re invited to encounter some celebrations and festivals.

You’re bound to experience a unique feast mixing thousands of years of history harmoniously coexisting with people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and faiths.

Let’s review the top 5 festivals in Egypt; you don’t want to miss them!#5f0f40

5 Must-Go Festivals in Egypt

Egypt is known in the Middle East as the country of festivals, from the ancient mysteries of the Wag Festival to social celebrations such as Sham Ennessim and religious festivals (Eid al-Fitr). People here like to get together to communicate, share, laugh, and celebrate.

Let’s see what festivals you need to attend at least once in your life. 

Ramadan (the ninth month in the Islamic calendar)

However, there is no shortage of delightful celebrations in Egypt; Ramadan is the best time to absorb the unique spiritual side of these people. Your Egypt tour during Ramadan will be slightly different but most importantly, you will absorb new atmosphere wherever you go!

I am sure you have heard something before about Ramadan or at least the religious rituals revolving around fasting from sunrise to sunset, abating from food and drink. The concept seems exciting, but what is more exciting is experiencing Egypt’s Ramadan with great enthusiasm and joy. Muslims break their fasts with Iftar, which reflects the source of happiness through family and (even straightener) gatherings. In addition, Ramadan will introduce you to authentic traditional Egyptian dishes: molokai, mahshy, hamam mahshy, and kabab!Plus, the street adornment! Wow, wherever you go, you find fanoos hanging from the ceiling or colorful lanterns to decorate homes and streets. These lanterns have a historical origin and symbolize the joy and light of Ramadan.

If you’re in Egypt during Ramadan, don’t ignore an invitation from a local to share this atmosphere in their home. Instead, go minutes before the sunset (Almagrab prayer) and bring Knafeh (what is Knafeh?) Oh, it needs another story to tell you about the Egyptian desert in Ramadan). Smile and say, Ramadan Kareem!



Sham Al Naseem (At the beginning of spring in Egypt)

Sham Al Nassem is an Arabic translation to sniff the breeze! So why do we need to do that?

Because it’s the Egyptian way of celebrating the arrival of spring. This is one of the magnificent festivals in Egypt that goes back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians, who used to resume agricultural activities and spread seeds to get fruitful crops.Today, families gather and go for picnics or beaches with a basket packed with colorful eggs and fish meals.

Local tip: Sham Al Nassem changes every year— you need to check it out before booking your flight if you want to be part of this fantastic event!


Eid Al Ghetass (January 19th)

Another live example of religious harmony in this rich historical country, Eid Al Ghetass, commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ. Egyptians have celebrated it since the Coptic Egypt era, and they have preserved each carnival facet, reflecting the incredible display of communal euphony in different communities in Egypt.You can also participate in Christmas Mass in one of the giant churches in Egypt and recharge your spirit with the unique rituals that bring you inner peace.



Coptic Christmas (January 7th)

While people around the globe celebrate Christmas on December 25th, we in Egypt are different (as usual); the Coptic Orthodox chose January 7th as the official celebration of Egypt’s Christmas. However, you can witness many festival aspects throughout the country —streets turn to be filled with colorful processions— at the beginning of December.

Local tip: If you want to enjoy the modern custom of the holiday and listen to Christmas music, lights, and trees, go to Sheikh Zayed City in Cairo, a prestigious district with plenty of activities to do during New Year’s Eve!


Henna (Any Time)

If you’re a lady in Egypt, it’s your lucky day! Just make friends before you leave and let them invite you to a henna party (only for ladies), which takes place a few days (or a day) before the wedding party. If you’re able to arrange this, it will be one of the best Egypt tours you’ll ever experience! Henna has roots in different cultures, including India. Still, in Egypt, this party has special vibes, where the bride’s friends wear different costumes and dance, and others will leave a professional henna artist to paint the paste onto their hands and feet.




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